Never Say Cut
Movie and Television Production

For more information on our current movie project, "Nerd!" please go to

VR and AR

Do you really think that our movie, Nerd! was based on a team of nerdy VR players for no reason? Nope! We have some very serious gamers on our team here at Never Say Cut. Tune in to the YouTube channels of Rig_Saw_31 and 5Ever Gaming as they take on their frienemies, including: S_laughter, Meowterspace, Rawrrrrrr and Taxes. They livestream, play tournaments and argue among themselves playing games in VR, AR and regular games. For now, they'll be playing in our dedicated gaming room, but we're looking forward to getting a truck and taking the gaming on the road. And that reminds us, we're very open to sponsors!

This chart, courtesy of SuperData Research and SVVR (Silicon Valley Virtual Reality) is very good information about the trends of VR!
My first -- and hopefully last -- acting role! I'm playing the Twinkie with half its head bitten off. Yes, it was complete improv; I played off the technician.

Thanks to Mindshow for having us over!