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 Upcoming Programs
These are the regular programs that we're working on right now!
Each of these unscripted series has many of its elements in place, including cast and key crew as well as some corporate sponsors. We are, however, looking for more sponsorships and executive producers for each series. Contact us if you're interested.

Barbie's Adventure Series, "The Parkers"

One of our most promising series is "Barbie's Rig," starring Barbie and her boyfriend Richard Cranium, a pair of millenials who have a motorhome to fix up. The 2001 Newmar Kountry Star isn't a total disaster, but after 15 years on the road, it's ready for some repairs, some improvements and some upgrades.

While Barbie and Richard may have great senses of humor and a knack for practical jokes, they're not the most mechanically inclined either. They're also not totally incompetent, and about average mechanically for RV repairs. They will show you that they can do most of the repairs necessary to make their rig a happier home and that you can do the same for yours!

Some of the upgrades and repairs they'll be demonstrating:
  • Installing a new refrigerator
  • Replacing the batteries
  • Installing a new above-the-range microwave
  • Converting to LED lighting
  • Installing a battery isolator
  • Installing new solar panels for true off-the-grid electric
  • Installing a new toilet
  • Replacing fuses
  • Installing a voltage gauge
  • Installing a patio room
  • and so much more!

Of course, Barbie and Richard will be doing product reviews, going on tour and generally showing you that camping and RVing isn't just for the retired folks!
"The Handi-Campers" with Mia

Barbie will also introduce you to her sister Mia. Mia was involved in a horrible car accident at the end of 2011 and has since been recovering from a severe brain injury. But Mia's not going to let a little thing like brain damage keep her down. In her series, "The Handi-Campers," Mia, along with her service dog Jaz, and her boyfriend Coty, who suffers from Cerbral Palsy, aren't going to let their injuries and illnesses define them! They meet up with other so-called handicaps and overcome obstacles to have all sorts of outdoor fun.

In some cases, their "disadvantages" are quite advantagious. Yes, some new items will need to be built for them and yes, there will be some wild adaptations but, succeed or not, the handi-campers have a blast (even if they argue a bit) and you'll find yourself cheering them on!

Project Beast Buggy

Another series coming to TOORN features Cora. Cora is quite a bit older than the Parker girls. She is, in fact, a 1969 Volkswagen based Myers-Manx style fiberglass dune buggy. But Cora isn't some tired ol' buggy. Nope, she just got a brand new Porsche engine put in her and now we're going to complete the upgrade. "Project Beast Buggy" will take on many upgrades! Some of the parts that Cora will get replaced include:
  • Well, there is that Porsche engine we mentioned
  • A new Warn Winch (including the welding of the front bumper to reinforce the car).
  • All new electrical wiring
  • All new LED lights, including off-road lighting
  • New steering wheel
  • Many new suspension parts
  • A New Odyssey battery
  • Disc brake conversions all around
  • A new custom dashboard made of Western Cedar
  • Some really cool surprises, including the stereo system
  • Cobra radar detector
  • And, at the risk of sounding cliché, even more!

Do you have footage that you'd like to see on TOORN? If you own appropriate footage (camping, off-roading, tips for motorhome or trailer living...), please get in contact with us via our "contact" page and let us know what you have and we can discuss a profit-sharing deal with you!
We will be adding two new programs as soon as they are fleshed out. One will be about motorhomes and another will be an adventure series taking place in sand, mud, rocks and anywhere else that fun beckons. Stay tuned for updates on these new programs and information on how to access TOORN TV.
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