Never Say Cut
Movie and Television Production

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  1. Nerd!
    Comedy Ned's the captain of his university's virtual reality team and all he needs to do is win the girl from the football team quarterback, reassemble his decimated team and win the collegiate VR championship!
  2. She Loves Me Not
    Comedy Bored in their marriage, a husband and wife each make a humorously inept attempt at finding love elsewhere; the mayhem begins when the hookers come to dinner!
  3. Estate
    Comedy When rich and eccentric granny dies without a will, dysfunctional ‘relatives’ appear from every closet to claim what they feel is their share and much more.
  4. House Rules
    Post-Apocalyptic Psychological Thriller In a dystopian future, a gang invades an ancient house and nothing they learned on the streets could have prepared them for what they found inside.
  5. Auschwitz: A Love Story
    Action / Historical (True Holocaust) The true story of a Jewish family and German soldier who must escape Auschwitz Concentration Camp and find their way to America with trailing Nazis seeking vengeance.
  6. El Hombre de Los Angeles
    Action / War (Afghanistan) An Afghan war hero, stricken with PTSD, believes he is Don Quixote and has to battle terrorists on American soil while still trapped in his fantasy world.
  7. Future Down
    Science Fiction The Russians have stolen a time machine and gone into the past to kidnap top scientists, and the only person who realizes that something is wrong is a pacifist caught in a moral dilemma.
  8. Southbound Train
    Science Fiction Logline: An alcoholic former soldier wonders why nobody else can hear what he hears. He sobers up long enough to wish he hadn't, as the nightmares turn real.
  9. Reanimation
    Science Fiction / Zombie A scientist, grieving over the recent loss of the wife he neglected, tries to right all the wrongs of the world, but accidentally starts the zombie apocalypse instead.
  10. Mistress of the Con
    True Crime Who was teenage model Shannon Ireland who claimed to be Kathy Ireland's little sister and Donald Trump's niece?