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Movie and Television Production

For more information on our current movie project, "Nerd!" please go to
Coming this summer, Never Say Cut Productions brings you TOORN, The Outdoor and Off-Road Network.

Learn about our Project Beast Buggy, as we modernize a 1969 VW-based dune buggy and turn it into an off-road BEAST!

Follow our motorhome DIY projects including: Replacing appliances, basic and intermediate RV repairs, upgrading your rig and lots of travel! Don't expect any boring "how-to" videos here, as our resident blonde, Barbie Parker, will mix it up with a formula consisting of sassiness, silliness and a touch of dizziness to show you how (and how not) to repair your Recreational Vehicle.

Discover our original unscripted series, "Handi-Camping" as Mia and her friends don't allow a disadvantage to get in their way of having a great time outdoors.

And, of course, all the outdoor fun you can have, from dirt and sand racing to hiking. Come back soon or sign up for our newsletter to learn where and when to enjoy our original programming.

Coming Soon: TOORN
In Pre-Production Now: Nerd!
For more information on our upcoming film, Nerd!, please go to its page, www.Nerd.Film

Mia and Cora

Both of these lovely ladies will be having their own series on Never Say Cut's new channel, TOORN. Mia is the star of "The Handi-Campers" and Cora is the star of "Project Beast Buggy." Go to our TOORN page to learn about all of our upcoming programs.
This is Mia and her service dog Jaz. She is going to show you in her upcoming series, "Handi-Camping" that she and her friends can overcome a so-called "disability" and enjoy the outdoors as much as those who haven't had tragedy in their lives.

"Cut!" This is where it all began!

We have an adage: "Never say cut when Xander's around; he'll take it literally!" Mia nearly learned that lesson the hard way. Fortunately for her, X.J. was operating with safety scissors.